Sharpen Collaborative Problem Solving

Boost your team’s effectiveness and productivity with greater visibility and control on critical business data

Power your Collaborative Workflow Management

Ideolve’s intuitive collaboration tools for business help you collaborate effectively to gain visibility of all your work, automate workflows, enhance process flow management, exception management and stay in the loop with mentions and real-time notifications.

Ideolve Integrations for simplifying processes management

Ideolve integrates with popular business apps and tools to smoothen and streamline key processes


Enhance Compliance Postures

Enterprises using Vaultastic for corporate compliance need to share data with internal and external auditors for reviews and other actions.

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Ideolve's Vaultastic connecter creates a case management tool within Vaultastic.

Compliance violations found during audits can now be privately and securely shared via this exception management tool with relevant audit teams to collaborate on the review and remedial action.

Improve Hiring Quality with better collaborative task management amongst selectors

To improve shortlisting quality, candidates fill up a Google Form with preliminary information and their resume.

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Ideolve's Zapier integration with Google form captures the candidate’s response into a Note and automatically shares this with the HR and cross-functional selection team members.

As the selection process unfolds, each team member may reference other members for a specific action, record their observations, and share recommendations in a single site for a prompt, more-informed hiring decision.

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Delight Customers with Timely, High-Quality Support

Frontline agents using Freshdesk for customer support often need to consult with backend, product, or senior team members, who are not Freshdesk users.

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Ideolve’s Freshdesk integration captures a ticket as a note in a customer support workspace where other organization members can share their knowledge to resolve the question in quality and time.

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Web Forms

Manage web form submissions to improve process flow management

Traditionally web form data is captured in the CRM or spreadsheets. However, there is no easy way to share this information selectively and get inputs from diverse teams.

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Ideolve's web form integration creates a note with the form data and shares it automatically with a predefined set of people. Add more people if you like.

The teams can now collaborate on the information to help respond to the input rapidly and in quality. It also lets you track who works on each submission to stay organized.

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Use APIs to share data, trigger events, and respond to strobes between your apps and Ideolve to bring alive your collaborative workflow management.
Zoho CRM
Brings presale and other groups into a customer engagement by creating a team collaboration request on Ideolve to accelerate closures.
Add Ideolve’s Creative Process Management power to your Apps with Zapier integrations. Zero code workflows with 100s of Apps.

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Bring groups together to power your collaborative problem-solving abilities

Smoothen cross-department process flow management with Ideolve’s asynchronous and contextual collaboration tools

Problem Resolution

Teams can share problems through a note and invite other members to suggest ideas or solutions. The experiments and final resolutions themselves can then be kept as a future reference

Brain Storming

Face-to-face meetings for brainstorming can sometimes be ineffective or impractical. With Ideolve you can share a new idea as a note and have members contribute by adding comments. This way the entire team is always up to date and meetings can be held with maximum efficiency

Product Design

Design documents usually start with a simple requirement coming from the customer or an insight from a team member. From here to the final design and delivery is a process of intensive collaboration. Use Ideolve to exchange different artefacts, reviews, suggestions, alternatives via notes and comments

Project Planning & Reporting

Within notes, tables with tasks, schedules, statuses and comment fields can be used to plan and monitor projects. Similarly, team reports can be maintained to track progress and identify areas of concern. These notes can then be shared with key stakeholders to ensure visibility and enable pro-active support

Documentation & Publications

Documenting, recording or publishing requires working with ideas and material from various teams. In Ideolve, note links always display the latest copy of the note, its comments and uploaded files. This means you can create live documents where teams can gather and record information for reference, work with the best ideas or start conversations leading to final content publications

Ideolve Business Benefits

Modern tools and add-ons to create powerful workflows that promote collaborative problem solving, creative process management, and exception management by your teams.

Faster Problem Resolutions & Response

With your whole crew on the same page in Ideolve, team responses are quicker and more effective.

Fewer & Shorter Meetings

Gathering and sharing information over Ideolve can help you reduce the number and period of meetings.

Faster Exchange of Knowledge & Learning

Ideolve helps in the co-development of ideas and plans, creating knowledge and enabling learning at a faster pace.

Continuous Improvements

The knowledge base made via team conversation in Ideolve acts as future references for improvements.

Effective Cross-Functional Collaboration

Information can be easily shared across groups enabling cross-functional team collaboration.

Documentation and Categorisation of Top Problems & Assets

In Ideolve, it is easy to tag pieces of information for classification and organization for easy future reference.

Uncluttered Mailboxes

With team collaboration moving to Ideolve, there is a 90% drop in internal email messages.

Team Engagement

Ideolve promotes a more intrinsic way to enhance collaborative task management driving deeper team engagement.
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