How we develop your registered opportunities to closure

When you register your customer opportunities with us, it helps us align our resources with yours in helping you workout the right solution for your customer. Adding opportunities early in the system, helps our team track the customer engagement and help move it towards a decision, with timely responses to customer queries, news updates, latest offers, demo support and assistance in solution evaluations, trial runs, implementation planning etc
  • Step 1:
    You submit an opportunity via this form. We review it for accuracy, duplicates and respond with a confirmation/ask for more information.
  • Step 2:
    We engage in a well-defined sales process to:
    • Understand requirements.
    • Build out an optimal techno-commercial proposal.
    • Walk the customer through the proposal and demo.
    • Handle objections, queries and conduct a POC if required.
    • Nurture the lead with relevant messages to drive a decision.
    • Seek your help to close it commercially.
  • Step 3:
    Transfer your Partner benefits.
Why Register an opportunity?
Registering your opportunities with us ensures that we avoid conflicts when multiple partners may approach the same opportunity. The first mover is the partner we work with, unless the customer specifies otherwise.
Help us Help you
The more clearly you can specify the customer's pain points and requirements, the more easy it will be for us to help them drive a decision. Please share details of existing technology map (what are they using currently), how many users, how much historical data is to be migrated, reasons to change (pain points, upgrade vision). Specify constraints if any such as data residency requirement, etc.
Our Response
This whole process can take upto 24 hours. In case of any rare conflict discovered in the CRM, our team will reach out to you to discuss the exception and the next steps.

    This information is about you, Mithi's reseller. Please enter carefully to enable accurate mapping
    Opportunity Information
    Opportunity Requirement
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