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Making Technology Useful, Usable and Affordable

Inspired by INDIA

We are inspired by India and love it despite the apparent mess around. Because underneath this chaos and confusion, lies its real beauty - the simplicity of its native people, the beauty of its mountains and fields, the depth and diversity of its culture, its stories and parables and above all its profound understanding of life and living.

While the Western thinking enriches our understanding of the world through understanding of the cause and effect phenomena and the Oriental thinking extends it through systemic thinking and life cycle thinking, the Indian way of thinking helps us expand our understanding to include the interconnectedness of all things. Its endeavour is to build greater and greater completeness in our understanding of the world and urges us to use this (more complete) understanding to define our purpose.It pushes us towards a bigger purpose. One that will result in the greatest good for all.

Making Technology Useful, Usable and Affordable

As an enterprise, we define our purpose as one of making technology more useful, usable and affordable for our customers.

The 21st Century Infrastructure

We believe collaboration technology is the defining platform for the 21st century. Just like transportation was for the 20th

Also we feel that the benefits of technology should reach the most number of people - so making technology more accessible, useful and affordable has been central to our company mission.

At the time when started offering email infrastructure solutions to enterprise around the year 2005, setting up and managing an email infrastructure was costly and complicated (more so when built using Open Source Software), we offered a lower cost option based on Open Source Software with easier set-up and management.

Because email is an application of critical nature for businesses, a lot of our work over this period was on making our platform more dependable and secure.

In the times of the cloud and smartphone apps, we’re reinventing ourselves to leverage these platforms to make these technologies even more accessible and useful to enterprise of every kind.

Enterprise Collaboration Software

Security, Dependability, High Cost, Productivity Loss, Complexities in managing the collaboration infrastructure, Migrating to newer technologies are some of the challenges that enterprise face. Our strengths in handling message streams and UI/UX design enables us to provide better security, optimise performance, ease manageability and build new capabilities for our customers.

ConnectXf, the core flagship collaboration platform by Mithi, has been serving the needs of some of India’s leading enterprises for long, delivering high outcomes under very demanding performance standards. The same platform is also available as Mithi SkyConnect, a SaaS offering, via the cloud to companies of all sizes. More recently Mithi launched Vaultastic, a cloud email archiving solution that also works with GoogleApps, Microsoft Office 365, and other email solutions.

Worldclass in INDIA

Mithi distinguishes itself in providing Email and Collaboration Software that can help substantially lower costs & improve productivity. Mithi's innovative solutions have been adopted by organisations of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segment such as Healthcare, R&D Establishments, Financial Services, Education, Government, BPOs, Software, Defence, Manufacturing, Banks, NGOs, Agro Industries, Logistics, Media, Internet Service Providers, Infrastructure, Media, Retail, Energy & Power, Transportation etc. Installations spanning over 40 cities in India and abroad are maintained, monitored and managed remotely from Mithi's support center at Pune.

Awards, Recognitions & Mentions

Right from inception, Mithi has been consistently recognised for creating dependable, secure and scalable solutions for business users. Besides Mithi's customers, who consistently rate our products and services over 4.5 star, this recognition has come in the form of various Awards from leading magazines and organisations and mentions in publications and on websites.

See a list of these awards.

Product History

Easiest and Most Secure Cloud Email Archiving yet !

Email Security, Continuity, and Durability

Communicate and Collaborate on ideas and information

Cloud Email and Collaboration for the Smart Business

Email and Collaboration Server Software on the Linux Platform that delivers higher performance, greater adaptability at lower costs.

Application Development Tool for building Indian Language interfaces for Web Applications

Free Indian Language Email Site

Award winning Indian Language Software (LEAP). Developed jointly with CDAC, Mithi's key contribution in creating this software was to make it easy for users to work with Indian languages on the PC. The product pushed up the popularity of use of Indian language software many-folds. LEAP has an estimated user base of over 5,00,000 users that include customers such as RBI, MTNL, IOCL, Income Tax, Ministry of External affairs, BoI, BoB, Allahabad Bank, PNB, Indian Railways, Govt. of Maharashtra, GAIL, LIC, Oriental Insurance, Indian Parliament, HPCL, BPCL etc.

Geometric Modeller for Free Form Solids
Used as part of CAD systems this program could be used to modify the features of a solid by filleting, blending, tweaking, chamfering or modifying fillet cross sections or conversion of a straight edge of a solid to a free form Bezier or vice-a-versa and modification of the curved edges.

Mithi In News

Mithi's pathbreaking work has been extensively covered in hundreds of articles by leading regional, national and international media publications. Some of these include India Today, Times of India, Indian Express, Financial Express, Outlook, India abroad, Malayalam Manorama, Daily Thanti, Eenadu, PCQuest, Computers Today, Asian Age, Deccan Herald, Hindu, Hindustan Times, Siyasat Delhi, Business Standard, Navbharat Times, Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Sakal, Star News, Zee News, Doordarshan, TMG, and Aaj Tak etc.

Giving Back

We believe that there is much we have gained from the world around us. That in our growth as individuals and as an enterprise there have been countless contributions. And that we must in turn contribute back to the world not just through our products and services but also through helping those who endeavour to make our world a better place.

Kusum Foundation is a not-for-profit trust set-up by the founding members of the company with the purpose of recognising and supporting people who are making outstanding contributions to the society. To date it has undertaken programs to provide computers, books, stationary, toys and clothes to several rural and city schools for the poor and orphanages.

We stand in awe of all that has been achieved by the Western, Oriental, and Indian thinking. So we work with Western technologies, practice lean thinking Japanese style and are inspired by India to discover the best purpose we could commit ourselves and our enterprise to. Mithi, our company name means both churning (manthan) and knowledge. We see it as signifying our quest to blend the knowledge from across the world to reach new levels of excellence. Quite like the story in the Indian mythology about the gods and the demons churning the world's oceans to bring forth the elixir (amrit).