Our Belief

Collaboration defines the 21st century infrastructure

We believe collaboration technology is the defining platform for the 21st century. Just like transportation was for the 20th century.

Collaboration technology is today creating completely new ways, in how we work, use our time, create, build and make things, access goods, services, and engage with the world around us to help people do more with less waste.

It is already having a big impact in defining the course of this century. But Collaboration is broken in many places in enterprises and in our shared and public spaces.

There is much room to make things better.

Our Mission

Collaboration Advantage for Every Enterprise

For any enterprise, collaboration serves as the primary mechanism for creation and exception handling, helping it respond to changes and challenges of its environment. And to bring things under control as the company adjusts to a new level and forms of activities.

But making collaboration work for an enterprise can be tough work. Technology can help, but, cost and complexities can be significant barrier to adoption.

Our cloud based platforms offer a uniform high-quality outcome for all our customers regardless of their size. Bringing world class security, durability, reliability, performance and connectedness to every enterprise.

The Collaboration Advantage©

Collaboration Solution for an Interdependent World

As the world gets more sophisticated, specialised, complex and fast, businesses and teams need to bring together diverse capabilities, solutions, services and people together to find solutions, improve designs, develop faster, build at lower costs, and serve customers better.

This need for intense and deep collaboration throws up new challenges of integration, productivity, reliability, security and costs. At Mithi, it is our mission to enable every enterprise to gain the collaboration advantage. So we’re hard at work building secure, dependable and productive collaboration systems. Enabling uninterrupted team work across projects, enterprise and geographical boundaries.

Gaining Data Agility

Data is critical to collaboration
Data provides the context for the collaboration; Data triggers the need for collaboration; Easy access to the relevant data make collaboration more effective. Easy sharing of data make collaboration efficient. That’s why we’ve built a strong set of tools to - Protect, Manage, Share and move data around easily.
Gaining Data Agility Mithi

Working at Mithi

Working at Mithi is about getting better
There almost never is a - business-as-usual day at Mithi. We’re always on a mission to do better.
Our work spans the complete lifecycle of product development and the full range of business activities of the software product business, touching upon Design Thinking, DevOps, Cloud Technologies, Agile, Software Architecture, Design, Extreme Programming, Product Management, LifeCylce UX, System of Business, Digital Marketing and more.
Kusum Foundation
Giving Back with the Kusum Foundation

Kusum Foundation is a not-for-profit trust set-up by the founding members of the company with the purpose of supporting organisations and people who are making outstanding contributions to the society.

To date it has undertaken initiatives to supporting education research, environmental cleaning & restoration projects, gifting books, stationary, computers, toys and clothes to several rural and city schools for the poor and orphans.

Mithi’s Leadership Team

Sincerity, frugality, excellence, and innovation are the fundamental drivers for value creation at Mithi.
Mithi is jointly managed by the 4 co-founders of the company and a dedicated core team of that has a collective experience of over a hundred man years in software product development. The team has received wide recognition and acknowledgement from customers and industry observers for its work.
Tarun Malaviya
Chief Executive Officer
Sunil Uttam
Principal Solution Architect
Aditi Malaviya
Chief Technology Officer
Ashok Malaviya
Chief Sales Officer

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