Agile data protection and enterprise information archival

  • Gain Data Resilience - Reduce the cost of support and maintenance up to 45%
  • Improve Data Availability - Archive legacy data for record-keeping and reference
  • Faster Discovery - Build a catalog of queries for monitoring and report generation
  • Easier Data Governance - Reduce administrative costs by up to 60%+
Centralised and elastic archival
  • Ensure Business Continuity - Built-in redundancy and quick data extraction for recovery
  • Maintain Tamper-proof records - Archive Critical Business Process Data
  • Build Audit trails - Collect activity-related notifications to build a map of audit trails
  • Improve Legal Readiness - Reduces Legal risks by 62%
Cross Platform Information Archival
  • Faster response to Data Access requests - Turn around rapidly on any data requests for compliance audits, recovery, or issue resolution
  • Manage Data Lifecycle with Ease - Automated movement of older data to deeper stores
  • Improve Data Agility - Complete Portability and Atomized Data Extraction and Activation
  • Save Compliance and Data Management Costs - Storage efficiency and tiering for cost high-cost optimisation
On-demand lifecycle management services

Industry-leading cloud infrastructure platform High performance dexterity High availability and data durability Trusted customer support 24/7 Vaultastic
Multi-layered security architecture
  • Compliance with industry regulatory guidelines
  • Independent VAPT audits
  • AWS FTR audit
  • GDPR-shared responsibility model
  • Continuous management and monitoring of security threats to build cyber resilience

Open Store

Open Store

File Archival of any format from cloud or device stores with search and selective extraction.

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Active Store

Live and Legacy Email Data archival from any platform with E-discovery and Extraction capability.

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Active Store
Live Store

Live Store

Live Data archival from SaaS platforms with Data Sharing Capability.

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How much does it cost?

Information archiving tools for data protection and recovery
45GB store (**)
75GB migration (***)

  • Description
  • Preserve Active and Historical data for reference and recovery.

  • Backup Data to ensure operational continuity.
  • Preserve Historical Information for Business and Legal Reference
  • Retain Data Long-term to meet data safety objectives.

Feature summary
  • Archive emails
  • Archive files
  • Import data
  • Search and activate data
  • Export in portable formats
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Global e-discovery console for supervision and incident management
75GB store (**)
105GB migration (***)

  • Description
  • Continuity + Centralize discovery and access to information archives to supervise critical business processes.

  • Ensure data availability with a centralized archive and discovery.
  • Supervise business processes
  • Maintain communication oversight

Feature summary
Continuity features +
  • Hierarchical deep ediscovery
  • Save frequently used queries
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Long-term data retention for compliance and legal readiness
120GB store (**)
160GB migration (***)

  • Description
  • Supervision + Archive data from business applications / SaaS platforms and manage incidents to support audits, investigations, legal processes, etc.

  • Ensure data visibility with a centralized archive and discovery.
  • Manage Incidents
  • Share and Collaborate on Information.

Feature summary
Supervision features +
  • Archive data from SaaS tools
  • Share information and collaborate with experts
More details
Custom plan for information archiving and managing compliance and data-related risks
As per need

  • Description
  • Customize plan and solution to meet your special risk and compliance management needs

  • Modernise information archiving & management to manage data-related risks and compliance

Feature summary
Compliance features +
  • Custom integrations
More details
Taxes extra as applicable.

60%+ saving on Data Protection and Management Costs
Upto 2.5X ROI just in terms of saved costs
Upto 90% reduction in turn-around times on data requests over other methods
30% Lower TCO with Near Zero Maintenance and management
99.9% Availability and 11 9's of Data Durability
Near Zero Maintenance
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