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Mithi has built cloud platforms to create secure, dependable, productive
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Our Platforms

Email is Critical Business Record,ensure secure archival & quick retrieval
Archival, Backup Automation, EDiscovery & Compliance for Office 365, GSuite, Zimbra, Exchange, Salesforce and others
True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Unlimited Storage | 99.999999999 | DIY Self Service Portal | Multi layered Secure | Tamper Proof | Flexible pricing
Discover Vaultastic

Secure, Dependable, Scalable Email for dependable business communications
Cloud and Hybrid Business Email and Enterprise Chat solutions for the agile enterprise
True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Trend Micro Security | Mobility | Multi layered Security | Guaranteed Clean Mail | Cumulative Storage | Flexible pricing
Discover SkyConnect

Guaranteed clean mail and disaster recovery for uninterrupted Business communication
Peripheral Email Security and Continuity solution for your email system
True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Trend Micro Security | Guaranteed Clean Mail | Mini Disaster recovery | Compatible with Exchange, Zimbra, Linux and any other mail system
Discover ClrStream

Team Collaboration platform to get work done effectively
Work on your ideas and initiatives with shared workspace and dynamic team organisation.
True SaaS | AWS Cloud | Mobile App | Web App | Create, Organise, Share, Publish
Discover Ideolve

InPremise & Hybrid Cloud Solutions for Enterprise Email
Scalable|Always On
Discover ConnectXF

Bundles on Offer

Collaboration Startup Kit
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On average, office workers spend 28 per cent of their workday caught up reading and typing responses to email, the McKinsey Global Institute finds.

While SkyConnect is a robust and secure platform to help you transport email and chat messages within teams, it is observed that using email for intense ongoing discussions can be unproductive. Ideolve works as a perfect companion to an email system for enabling intense and deep collaboration around initiatives, ideas, issue resolution and projects, centrally.

We have a compelling bundle offer of our two core platforms to help you drive up your business productivity.

Knowledge Management & Discovery
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60% of business critical information is stored exclusively in email - IDC. How can you do more with it?

Vaultastic, a true SaaS on the Cloud, can protect your critical Business email history, simplify email Management and deliver Fast Search and Discovery tools, help you supervise your teams, and stay compliant with regulations.

Email, needing deeper investigation or a collaborative response can share on Team collaboration platforms like Ideolve, for more intense collaboration.

Mithi has on offer, a bundle of two very robust core platforms to archive and discover email data, and effectively collaborate on specific email.

Security Shield
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Deploying a Security shield around an email infrastructure requires a sandwich with Secure email flow at one end and Email data security at the other end.

ClrStream can protect your email servers from Spam, Virus, Ransomware and DDOS attacks. It can also provide email Continuity when the primary mail server is unavailable or down. When bundled with Vaultastic, all your email data is kept safe on the cloud with a guaranteeddurability of 99.999999999%. All without any lengthy and costly email service migrations.

Our bundle offer of ClrStream and Vaultastic guarantees greater security for any email system.