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Cybersecurity: What does RBI and SEBI want from Banks and Financial service companies
November 27, 2019 | 12:00 am - 12:45 pm IST

Team Collaboration for the Smart Business

Tools for secure, dependable, productive, workplace collaboration

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Cross Platform, Email Data Management, Security & Compliance

Archival, Backup Automation, EDiscovery & Compliance for Office 365, GSuite, Zimbra, Exchange, Salesforce and others

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Dependable Email Communication for Every enterprise

Cloud and Hybrid options for Email, Chat, Calendar and Tasks for productive team work

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Guaranteed security & disaster recovery for uninterrupted business

Peripheral Email Security and Continuity for your email system

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Manage ideas & initiatives, with note based Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration to get work done effectively with shared workspaces and dynamic team organisation.

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Solution Offers

Starup Kit
& E-Discovery
Email System
& Data Security

Security Shield

Deploying a Security shield around an email infrastructure requires a sandwich with Secure email flow at one end and Email data security at the other end.

While SkyConnect is a robust and secure platform to help you transport email and chat messages within teams, it is observed that using email for intense ongoing discussions can be unproductive. Ideolve works as a perfect companion to an email system for enabling intense and deep collaboration around initiatives, ideas, issue resolution and projects, centrally.

We have a compelling bundle offer of our two core platforms to help you drive up your business productivity.

Estimate your monthly bill & get a quote with the Simple Pricing calculator
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