Mithi Software features in SiliconIndia Magazine’s “Brand of the Year” December 2016 special issue

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Mithi Software features in Insights Success Magazine’s “30 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016”

The focus of SiliconIndia’s December 2016 special issue is the importance of strong brand creation that is vital for the value growth of a company, listing those organizations that have mastered the art of branding and proved their brand value to the world.

The issue caries an article on Mithi Software, talking about the transition of the company from an enterprise software company (on the ground) to moving into the cloud. The article further states the re-positioning of the company as a collaboration solution provider offering better cost customization to meet individual business needs, without compromise on performance. Products such as SkyConnect – cloud based email collaboration solution, and Vaultastic (the latest offering by Mithi)– a cloud email archiving solution, demonstrate Mithi’s distinguished positioning as a provider of Email, Collaboration and Archiving software, centering its brand persona on making technology more accessible, useful and affordable to enterprises of every size.

SiliconIndia Magazine is the biggest producer of technology news in India, with a network of over 5 million Indian professionals looking to meet and seek advice from Indian experts in their chosen fields. The “Brand of the Year” 2016 issue mentions resilient as well as rising brands that have enthralled their target customers’ minds by blazing a trail for their industry to follow them. The magazine hopes that this issue will help educate aspiring business magnates to choose the right path and make their brands more consumer friendly.

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