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Mithi Software Case Study Now Live On AWS

Mithi Delivers Prototypes 90% Faster Using AWS

AWS recently did a case study on Mithi Software, elaborating the challenges faced in the past, the reasons for adopting AWS and the benefits received thus far.

Read excerpts from the case study below:

The Challenge

When Mithi Software Technologies started developing its first email solution, the software was deployed on-premises at customer data centers. “It was difficult for us to give all customers the same level of experience because of variations in the IT at client sites. Customers had different hardware, networks, IT policies, and internal skill sets. We spent up to 80 percent of our time resolving issues caused by infrastructure” says Sunil Uttam, co-founder and director of services at Mithi Software Technologies. The time and resources that went into fixing these issues cut into the time the company could devote to innovation.


Mithi Software ran a proof of concept (POC) for its re-engineered email solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. It moved a small proportion of its 500,000 email accounts to the AWS Cloud and spent the next six months assessing and fine-tuning the POC infrastructure. Says Uttam, “We were impressed by the overall performance and reliability of the AWS Cloud. What’s more, the shared security model of AWS ensured that our infrastructure was protected from any kind of attack.

The Benefit

Mithi Software no longer has to work with customers on provisioning, managing, and scaling the on-premises infrastructure supporting the email services. “Data growth isn’t a problem for customers anymore,” says Uttam. “The data for our services is expanding by around three gigabytes per second. We have already accumulated more than 100 terabytes. The amount of data and the rate of growth aren’t a big concern, because we simply scale our AWS Cloud instead of adding capacity at each customer data center.

Access the full case study here.

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