Small urban bank

From fragmented data to centralized, search-ready data with near 100% durability, availability and super-fast ediscovery.

Mid sized financial services firm

Manage subcription and storage costs of ex-employee data retention as mandated by regulations.

Mid sized health insurance

Build reputation, reduce risks with fast turn around on data requests for litigation.

Mid sized regional bank

Retain historical data to comply with regularity retention guidelines and stay audit-ready.

Mid sized bank

Reduce risks of compliance penalties with fast ediscovery and flexible extraction tools.

Legal services firm

Perform ediscovery across user accounts for faster and more flexible data access.

Local government body

Reliably migrate data to centrally searchable, highly available repository, and deliver better citizen service.

Small retail tech

Gain visibility, responsiveness, compliance and legal readiness for customer communications.

Research and communication services

Easy investigate customer issue escalations to improve service quality.


Save on subscription upgrade costs by managing data better.

Unlock New Oppurtunities

Unlock new opportunities

Regulatory compliance is increasingly becoming a top priority for businesses across several sectors.
Differentiate your offering

Differentiate your offering

Vaultastic is a modern cloud-based data protection and management platform that makes it easy to manage complex compliance needs. Vaultastic is seeing rapid customer adoption for its ability to reduce up to 60% storage costs, ease compliance and reduce data-related risks.
Grow your business

Grow your business

Vaultastic could be a valuable addition to your portfolio of solutions. We’re confident that we can work together to help your customers achieve their compliance goals at affordable costs across many industry segment.
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