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"A mail shot to 8000 users that earlier took 30 mins, now got completed in 10 mins – a 300% jump in performance."
- Mr. Pravin Ghate, Head Infrastructure ISG,
"What distinguishes Mithi from other solution providers is its clear vision, product oriented approach to leverage the open source platform to reduce the TCO."
- Mr. Prasad Badiwale, Vice President - IT,

Save Costs. Gain Flexiblity.

Supercharge your business
with reliable, realtime collaboration

Adaptable Collaboration Solution

The software comes with numerous configuration options, APIs, an Open Architecture, & customized deployment & development services to enable easy adoption.

Realtime Collaboration Environment

The secure realtime collaboration environment provide by the software helps
  • De-clutter your Mail box
  • Achieve faster issue resolution
  • Lower communication costs
  • Reduce travel and face to face meetings
  • Improve customer engagement

Secure & Productive Collaboration Environment

The software also incorporates features for enterprise security, access control, information flow management and archival, to enable you to create a secure and productive collaboration environment.

More Capabilities at Lower Cost

Built on some of the most well tested and secure Open source Components in the world, it provides an affordable & adaptable alternative to the often more expensive and in-flexible proprietary systems. Its open architecture allows for easy integration with a wide range of free to use apps, low cost devices and systems.

Mahindra and Mahindra


"Ever since Mithi's email solution has been implemented at Mahindra & Mahindra, the users have not complained even once about downtime. It is working just fine. Mithi has become a preferred choice for the smaller companies with the M&M group due to its robustness and low TCO."

- Mr. Vijay Mahajan,
Vice President - Centre of Excellence & Infrastructure Project, Corporate IT,
Mahindra and Mahindra

SBI Life


"The combination of Mithi's proven expertise on email and collaboration technologies and Trimax's capabilities with running scalable data center services, have helped us create a scalable and highly available collaboration platform on the public cloud."

- Mr. J.B. Bhaskar,
CIO and Executive Member



"Mithi has provided us a reliable platform which offers tight integration of open source components to offer an end-to-end solution for messaging needs, and has addressed all our security requirements. Connect Xf is perfect for an enterprise that is cost conscious and also needs high performance high availability, comprehensive security and ease of integration. You don’t need to look beyond Mithi."

- Bhavesh Patel,
Motif Inc

Aditya Birla


"Mithi's detailed planning and deep understanding of email and collaboration technology helped us set up a highly scalable email and collaboration system at Aditya Birla Group. Now that the back-end setup has proven to be robust, scalable and reliable with zero downtime, we are now looking forward to empower the users with value-added features like mobility and digital encryption."

- Mr. Yatin Shetye,
Deputy General Manager (IT),

Support Life Cycle

Mithi helps you reduce risk, costs and Comlexities in running your Email and Collabration Setup

Support Life Cycle

Product Release 3.16

Mithi launched a new capability in Connect Xf (3.16) - the Secure Attachment Vault and the Forgot Password Application

Product Release 3.16