Low Cost Business Email and Collaboration Server Solutions: Some Experiences and Learnings

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Following is the full text of the speech delivered by Ashok Malaviya (Director – Sales at Mithi) during Collaboration Retreat 2011 event held on 23rd and 24th September 2011 at Pune (India).… Read the rest

The Tiger’s Pride

The dog stirred from his rest
Oh! my legs they hurt so much
Sleep is never quite enough
I wonder today what I’d get to eat
Hope I can find some tasty meat

The mouse who neither had much heart nor a mind
Ran in just about in time
The cousin cats spoke in whispers low
He’s always busy just scurrying this stupid mouse
Wonder if he’s ever in his house

The mouse squeaked to the squirrel by his side
I hope all this ends very soon
I have many to meet before it’s noon

Sitting down made the monkey itch
I think I’d feel better if I swing a little
jump and switch

As all the timid creatures sat down
without a sound
The tiger took his place on higher ground

I never slip I cannot fall
I am the first amongst you all
All creatures faint with my little roar
I do better on any score

I have swam across a rising tide
Not a scratch I have anywhere on my hide

And just as he was to begin another story
of greater feats and bigger glory
The crow sitting in pretense on the tree up high
Dropped something dirty in the tiger’s eye

The tiger could not roar or scream
Didn’t even know if he should cry

It is time and I must go
I have bigger things to do he said
as he turned around and sped

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The Donkey and the Meadow

It was a beautiful morning bright and new
The meadow shone as the sun lit up the morning dew

The squirrels ran up and down
On the few tree that were around

The butterflies skipped from flower to flower
The crickets screeched out in loud roars

The birds sang free as they dashed around
The bees passed by with a humming sound

The Donkey busy and unhappy was thinking to himself
O poor me O poor me

Why can’t there be some donkeys more
They would know just how I feel for sure

The world is such a burden for all to see
Why can’t all these creatures be just like me

Look at the flowers they just stand around
And hurt my nose as I reach for the ground

The grass it just grows too short
My neck it hurt from reaching out such a lot

There is so much to do and long miles for me to pound
I wish I could turn off all this hurting sound

The owl sorry at the Donkey’s fate
Called out to him – hear me my mate

There’s a need for everyone there is a place for all to be
The world’s so pretty just look up and see

I can’t I have much to do you see
My shoulder drop for all the weight on me

Oh!… Read the rest

Business Impact of Email and Collaboration Technologies

In their book – The only Sustainable Advantage Edge, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown talk of deepening the distinctive internal capabilities and mobilizing the resources of other specialized companies through collaboration to build new capabilities and capacity.… Read the rest

Is cost becoming increasingly important? Is the CFO view now critical to defining the IT decision making and strategy?

In his blog, Mark P. McDonald of Gartner writes –

* IT spend is more driven by your choices about product, process, organization, and customer views as well as service levels, structural costs, and contracting terms which all have little to do with sales.… Read the rest

Openness is key to wider collaboration. But is social networking a worthy tool for the enterprise?

In their blog in Harvard business Review, on The Enterprise Value of Social Software, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown talk of – a reduction of 21% in average- time-to-issue-resolution, a key operating metric that drives the company’s financial performance, Similarly, one of a leading manufacturing company’s business units reduced the hours required to ensure Sarbanes Oxley compliance by 61% through the targeted use of social software.… Read the rest

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