Pre Placement Talk

Learn about Mithi's achievements, customers, team and products,
understand why its a great place to work and walk away with a free gift.

Part 1: Introduction to Mithi
This talk covers a brief history about Mithi, phases of evolution, pace of innovation, SaaS cloud products, platforms, technology stack, happy customers, and our eco-system.
Part 2: Why work at Mithi
This is a pitch from us to invite you to be part of our growth journey to the next level. We talk about how a full life cycle exposure can make you a better version of yourself
Part 3: Customer-centric culture
This talk is an extract from Mithi's culture code to share the key tenets binding our team to create an awesome customer obsessed work culture - our free gift for students.

Note: These talks were recorded live at one of colleges and not in a studio. The tone of the speech is natural, conversational, engaging with questions, has gaps and it addresses a gathering of students in the college. Please listen to these talks, keeping this background in mind.

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