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The Mithi Way to build Great Teams

Mithi’s Monthly meet – A Core HR initiative

In the modern business world which is witnessing the rapid growth of emerging markets, small and mid-sized enterprises are constantly on their toes to be somewhere close to the benchmark set by the industry leaders. And while infrastructure, strategy, and operations are at the forefront of a business plan, ‘execution’ is what makes it click. Think execution, think people.

No matter what the business, (more often than not) it is the human resources that make it or break it. How to manage a diverse group of individuals is the biggest question that entrepreneurs face while running a business.

Engaging employees through high-involvement work practices is a way of life every business, large or small, would like to develop.

Interpersonal and group communication holds an invaluable place in business dynamics. Despite the daily bombardment of phone calls and emails, the age-old concept of ‘meetings’ is what proves to be among the most effective ways of sharing information, discussing, deliberating, giving/receiving feedback, and collaborating to make unified business decisions and plans for the future.

At Mithi, we have consciously developed a culture and a system of conducting in-house meetings on a monthly basis, apart from our daily work-related meets, to address the aforementioned points.

We understand that a healthy team adds value to the organizational alignment and directly or indirectly results in quality improvements (and therefore, customer satisfaction). For this very reason, we strive to keep all our associates ‘in the know’ – whether it is the status of a project, or research, or customer feedback (positive and negative), or the financial angle, or the promotion plans of Mithi.

The focal aim, of Mithi’s Monthly meet, is to create a transparent, competitive and constantly motivated environment at the workplace.

Here’s a sneak peek at our meticulously planned event:

Event Management and Leadership

Every month, this baton is passed on from team to team. Whether it is the backend support guy sitting at his desk all day long, or the product developer who racks his brains to come up with the next ‘Whoa!’ idea, everyone is involved in the planning and execution of Mithi’s Monthly Meet. To make the job easier for all, we pass on the month wise responsibility of managing the meet from team to team. The event not only gives our associates a chance to prove their mettle in their scope of work, but also improves their leadership and managerial skills in terms of handling the meet effectively and efficiently.

Teamwork, Planning, Collaboration and Decision making

Planning, organizing and executing a technical project may be easy for our employees, since they are experts in those domains. But when it comes to doing the same for an event like this, it requires much more than technical knowhow. We encourage individuals to come together and work in teams to surpass the standards set by the teams executing the meet in the preceding month(s). To organize this meet, the teams need to decide a leader from among themselves for the event, meet frequently to decide on a theme and content of the meeting, assign roles to the different members to execute on the plan and monitor the execution of the plan to the finest detail. Every monthly meet is an opportunity to reset the benchmark of the quality and content of the meet.

Interaction, Communication and Presentation

Such an event poses an opportunity for the teams to stand in front of a crowd, compeer the entire event, coordinate the flow of the event and communicate the theme message and content. Teams work on presentation, short movie clips, and other creatives to ensure that their presentation to the audience is of a high level. This event gives an opportunity to the non-presenting teams to understand the work being done by the organizing team, their role in the business and also sensitizes them to that team’s work flows, dependencies on other teams, their efforts, successes and failures.

And the award goes to…

Recognizing the Top Initiatives in the last month and rewarding the stellar performers (Top Job)is on the top of the list of priorities in this event. It is initiatives like these that help Mithi to inspire and push its employees to put their best foot forward each time and collectively improve the operational efficiency. Every member of Mithi is encouraged to nominate their choice for the Top Job and Best Initiative award. A cross team panel sorts out the nominations and decides the award based on the long term impact these people have had on the business with their exemplary work and initiatives.

Unity in Diversity

Bringing teams and individuals together, the monthly event provides everyone at Mithi an opportunity to bond with each other, thus enabling better relationships and fostering unity amongst the diverse group of talented individuals that represent the organization. Team members share their success stories on an organizational level, and this enables healthy competition on the intra-organizational level.

What was, what is, and what will be…

Mithi’s Monthly Meet brings closure to several ongoing projects. The event comprises of presentations, debates, and project reports, thus concluding the projects that have been successfully implemented/completed, and bringing into the picture the ongoing assignments.

We also make it a point to include several team-building and fun activities in these sessions by watching inspirational movies together, playing games, quizzes, and celebrating each other’s success.

Mithi fosters a culture of teamwork and the monthly meet has proved to be a successful exercise that has resulted in increased collaboration, creativity and alignment amongst the various teams and also within the teams.

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