Mithi Customer Care now has a Central, Single Phone number

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Mithi Customer Care now has a Central, Single Phone number
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A few months ago, we upgraded our help desk to ensure you get faster resolutions to your support queries from Mithi Customer Care teams. The system upgrade was targeted at improving the visibility, tracking, and response for all queries, concerns, issues reported by you.

However, for voice conversations, you had access to separate telephone numbers for each team (onboarding, support, billing, and reconfigurations) and sometimes numbers of even for the specific team members, to be contacted for urgent help.

The system did not scale up as expected with different numbers creating complexity and difficulties in coordinating the team effort to provide you with quick and effective support. 

Moving to a single, central phone number to access Mithi Customer Care

To remedy the problem, we are introducing an IVR driven single phone number to improve the customer experience when you want to talk to our teams on queries related to onboarding, service support, reconfigurations, and billing.

We are excited to announce this significant improvement in how you can reach our customer care teams.

Top benefits of a single window access

Here are some of the top benefits that directly impact the way you receive support from us.

  • Forget remembering/storing multiple numbers. You now have a single number to speak to any member of the Customer Care team.
  • The IVR workflow guides you to the next available agent, again improving productivity for you.
  • The phone system records all calls for improved internal visibility, quality, and training purposes.
  • And if you cannot reach any engineer, you can leave a voice message, and our team responds as soon as possible.
  • The system automatically manages the working hours of individual departments. 

To learn more about the phone number, the departments you can access, and how to get the most out of accessing phone support at Mithi, please review this short document here.

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