2021 – Year in review – Accelerating the pace of improvements with more than 185 updates

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Accelerating the pace of improvements with more than 185 updates

Accelerating the pace of improvements

Last year, as we closed 2020 with 150+ updates to our cloud platform, despite the pandemic, we wondered about 2021.

Will life return to the (old) normal soon? 
Will schools reopen? 
When will the restaurants open again?
When will we get to travel again, watch plays or movie (in a theatre)?

Even though 2021 turned around and gave us a few more variants of the virus, well-run vaccination programs helped control the spread of the disease and bring life back to some level of normalcy before the year was out.

And despite the disruption we didn’t slow down on our thrust to deliver continued value to our customers.

We started 2021 by shifting our focus from helping you manage risks to providing you tools to leverage your most valuable asset, data, to generate more value for your business.

2021 was about improving our service to enable you to scale at optimal costs, leverage data to gain productivity, and experiment with new ways of working with ease. 

We want to take a moment to thank all our co-workers, readers, subscribers, partners, customers, and investors for your support and feedback during 2021.

Let’s dive into the achievements and highlights of 2021 at Mithi.

We are enabling new use-cases to improve customer outcomes.

Here we describe how we moulded and integrated our products to deliver new experiences for our customers by enabling the following new use-cases and capabilities while also enhancing existing ones:

Ensure Compliance management 

Ensure Compliance management

Organizations need to manage the risk related to information leakage and ensure regulatory compliance about supervision and reporting of email communications:

To ensure compliance, organizations often need the help of external experts, auditors, and enforcement agencies to review potential policy violations and decide the course of action.

Traditional review methods often result in copies of the data sent to these experts over email, leading to loss of control and potential information leakage.

Vaultastic now integrates with Ideolve, Mithi’s team collaboration platform, to allow your internal auditors to flag violating emails, classify them, and securely safely share these emails with external and internal auditors/experts and enable contextual communication for a speedy resolution. 

Learn more

Greater scalability in ingesting high-velocity email data (e.g., notifications) with API

Digital age businesses must send notifications and alerts to their customers for transactions done via their systems. 

Typically, business systems generate notifications emails at a rapid rate. 

And it may be common to observe the total volume ranging from a few thousand emails a day to even a million or more a day, depending on your transaction volumes. 

Using a traditional mailing solution, you may encounter rate restrictions on high volume journaling traffic, making it difficult to archive these emails.

Vaultastic’s new email ingestion API overcomes limits imposed by the journaling system at the primary mail server.

In addition, the API provides you with the flexibility to program the ingestion of email from business application-based email sources.

Learn more.

Further down the Cost Optimization Road via Automation

Further down the Cost Optimization Road via Automation

Preserving large volumes of email data using traditional methods could be clunky and expensive. 

While cloud data protection provides you with the required scale and reliability, it may turn out to be expensive to keep historical email archives for years due to the large size.

Vaultastic leverages the data lifecycle to optimize storage costs by parking infrequently used data in an inactive (cold) store.

We automated this process to boost productivity, further optimizing the overall costs of preserving data long-term.

Learn more.

Flexible mail migrations and conversions between formats

Email data movement and conversion are essential for working with email archives. 

You would frequently need tools to import legacy data, convert data between formats depending on the request, export data from the archives during an investigation or audit, and more.

Legacyflo is our migration workhorse, which works silently in the background of all our platforms, ensuring smooth movement of email data between the Active and Inactive Vaultastic stores and seamless, rapid import or export of email data from and to your environment. 

And we enhanced Legacyflo with more connectors, support for more sources and targets, and format conversion options to give you the tools you need to manage your ever-growing email archives in an increasingly regulated world.

Legacyflo now support over 50 different kinds of data migration jobs.

Learn more.

Easier, integrated Video conferencing to drive up productivity

Easier, integrated Video conferencing to drive up productivity

Our customers reported increased web meetings to drive their business and boost productivity.

And a lot of them use Zoom.

Conversations with customers showed that since their users are logged into the email client most of the time, they would be more productive if Zoom integrates into the email client.

They wanted their users to create and launch meetings and review past sessions from the email client.

We responded with a Zoom integration for Baya, which allows them to achieve all of the above without leaving Baya.

Learn more.

Easier management of email security with an enhanced ESG console

Easier management of email security with an enhanced ESG console

Customers asked for easier ways to manage their security configurations on the ESG (Email Security Gateway) console. 

Some of these requests included the ability to manage separate settings for different domains, manage to allow lists and blocklists, and more.

We responded by replacing our ESG vendor with a new one that provided a complete management console.

Learn more.

We are working on ensuring customer success via continuous product improvements.

This section describes how our products grew in capability and delivered increased cost savings, higher performance, more productivity, and tighter security.

Higher Performance, More Automation

Scalable download performance

Support for download of large data files from Vaultastic.

Support for high-velocity email ingestion

Vaultastic released a new API for email ingestion at scale to overcome limits imposed on journaling via SMTP.

Automated storage management

The movement of data between Active and Inactive stores in the hierarchical storage architecture of Vaultastic is now hands-free.

Improved migration job automation

More automation for post-processing after job execution; job locking prevents accidental stoppage/erasure of running jobs and further reduces hands-on-deck for long-running migration jobs.

Lite export option for an inexpensive pre-migration review

Since email data is unstructured and can vary in size and content, customers wanted to glimpse the data before they ran heavy migration jobs to extract or convert data.


We upgraded Legacyflo to provide a fast and efficient lite option based on filters that only exported the metadata of the requested emails.


After reviewing the metadata, you can refine your filter and fire the final job to extract the entire email data, thus saving time and money.

Higher migration performance

Our teams worked hard to re-engineer the Legacyflo backend to drive migration performance and reduce job execution time by up to 30%.

Tighter Security

Gain more control when your teams use eDiscovery.

Vaultastic tightened security with granular ediscovery controls.

Revamped ESG (Email Security Gateway)

Our customers requested more DIY capabilities to manage security parameters such as blocklists, allow lists, domain-level controls, and more on the Email Security Gateway. We responded with an upgraded ESG platform to deliver on these requests.

Two-factor authentication

A combination of “what you know” and “what you have” secures web access to your email account via Baya on SkyConnect. Learn more.

More Integrations

Ensure more straightforward audit and compliance management

Vaultastic integrates with Ideolve, Mithi’s team collaboration platform, which allows your internal auditors to flag violations and share them safely and securely with external auditors/experts. Learn more.

Zoom integration for a smoother web meeting experience

More Ease/Productivity with a Zoom integration enables Baya (web client) users to schedule, launch and manage web meetings from within the app to improve efficiencies.

Cost optimization

Easier Cost compression

Automatic/intelligent movement of email data from the Active to the Inactive store in Vaultastic optimizes storage costs and drives up productivity. Learn more.

Improved efficiency of de-duplication

Our engineers further refined the de-duplication engine in Vaultastic, leading to more savings in storage usage and costs.

Superior UX/CX to drive up productivity

Deeper Insights

Vaultastic released a dashboard to provide visibility on data usage over time. The dashboard also highlights the access rights enabling you to review the status of your IAM (Identity and Access management)

Easy, full mailbox export

A common request we heard frequently was the need to retrieve the entire mailbox of selected users. We responded with a feature to enable this easily.

A more user-friendly PST export

While exporting ediscovery results, you can now choose PST with folders. This option segregates “sent” and “received” emails into separate folders in the PST file.

Baya micro-releases

We upgraded Baya, our integrated web client on the SkyConnect platform, with more than ten micro enhancements to improve the emailing experience.

Easier migration job management

Legacyflo released new reports using friendlier representations of data, easier job search in the UI, and more.

Beyond migrations to conversions

Legacyflo added and enhanced capabilities to include conversion between mail formats, direct extraction in PST/EML from an IMAP source, metadata extraction from PST/EML files, extra connectors to support additional email formats, and a more comprehensive set of sources/targets.

Our Platforms


Vaultastic is our cloud data management platform, which delivers superior data protection and rich cloud services to help you leverage your data for agility, reduce risks related to compliance and data safety and optimize costs up to 60%. Learn more.


Legacyflo is our migration workhorse, which works silently in the background of all our platforms, ensuring smooth movement of email data between the Active and Inactive Vaultastic stores and seamless, rapid import or export of email data from and to your environment. Learn more.


Our business communication platform delivers flexible hybrid solutions to enterprises, enabling them to get the best of both worlds – specialized cloud solutions like MS 365, Google Workspace, and a simple business email platform to cater to a bulk user base. Learn more.


Our team collaboration platform enables safe, secure sharing of information with teammates and facilitates easy conversations around this information. Learn more.

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