7 WANTS of an IT Manager of a Small to Medium sized business

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7 WANTS of an IT Manager of a Small to Medium sized business

Your business may belong to a niche fragment of the industry, or be among the more commonly existing businesses; but if you have more than 50 employees and are looking ahead at business growth, you’ll definitely have things like capacity, productivity and performance hindrances on your mind 24×7.

Interactivity and effective communication (internal and external) is the key to business operations and it can only express itself if it is ably aided by a back-end setup that is strong, scalable and reliable. It is this very platform that contemporary business ventures vie for.

Effective storage, management and transportation of data, voice and video traffic has, in essence, become the spine of modern businesses, regardless of the size or the industry segment that they belong to. The concept has grown to attain incomparable importance in the operations of an enterprise – its availability, utility and performance have become decisive success factors.

What follows is a series of questions that you have possibly been struggling with, and essential components that might be missing from your business.

1. You want Professional Email and not Free email

Do you use free email services to handle business communication?

While a free Email service may seem the most convenient choice, the problem there is that the ID suffixes are @gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, etc. And although this doesn’t sound totally out of the league, it is always better to take a more professional approach – by getting the name of your business added at the end of the Email address. Not only would it lend a hand to building your brand name, but also make the recipients take you seriously.

A robust IT structure is central to an organization’s day-to-day operations, of which the collaboration setup is one of the most crucial elements.

Do you find that over time the usage pattern is changing and more and more users are joining the network, using the system more aggressively, storing and exchanging larger volumes of data?

Do you find that ageing hardware, rising costs of AMCs, complex and expensive software licences, ever growing storage needs and man power attrition in your team are making it very costly and complex to manage your email setup?

Maybe you need to change the model of your setup to one that allows easy scale up or down as per your needs and on demand, without any upfront or ongoing investment.

3. You want improved levels of Uptime and Services Quality

Yes, the advances that we’ve witnessed in the areas of infrastructure and technology are incredible, but several businesses around the globe still suffer due to database, software and hardware downtime. Research suggests that the average organization suffers ~61 hours of downtime each year (which translates into 99.3% uptime). Of course, >99%  uptime doesn’t sound too bad, but try looking at the loss suffered in terms of costs, lost sales, diminished productivity and dissatisfied customers.

Does your collaboration setup have an uptime of more than 99.9%? Why settle for anything less?

Businesses today focus on customer service and satisfaction, and that is directly correlated to the highest level of network and service uptime, subsequently resulting in elevated customer experience. What you DON’T need is to be the kind of business which spends an unwarranted amount of time struggling to fix network issues, only to see a rise in the number of downtime episodes. What you DO want is a heightened level of uptime and service quality.

4. You want to upgrade your set-up for Higher Capacity and Higher Performance

Your ever growing number of users want to store more data, send more data and are just online more of the time.

Do you find that your current collaboration setup is creaking under the increased workloads and you are trying to squeeze out performance by constantly tweaking an ageing, undersized and expensive to upgrade storage,  server and network system?

Maybe you need an upgrade that will give you all the storage and processing capabilities you might need, enable sending and receiving of larger attachments, cater to the increased usage patterns and prevent any potential loss of data. This way you (and your associates) can store hundreds of thousands of business Emails, and access them anytime, anywhere, all the time.

5. You’re looking for Data Security and improved Control over your email set-up

Data security is one of the primary concerns for today’s businesses. The leakage of sensitive information, secure documents and critical data cannot (and should not) be compromised at any cost.

Do you find users in your network, frequently misusing the system by sending bulk mail (with attachments) to groups of users, frequently sending large attachments to occupy valuable bandwidth and storage, sending confidential information out of the corporate walls? Essentially is it an uncontrolled free for all environment, where you have no visibility?

Maybe you need a Business class collaboration system that competently addresses issues of spam, viruses and malware, and uses advanced encryption technology through every session (to jumble up any information that is intercepted), to disable the decoding of the contents of the Emails by unintended outside parties. In addition business class collaboration systems will provide you with strong mail policy controls to allow you encode rules for controlling mail flow amongst users and between users and the Internet and can provide for strong features to manage attachments like SISA, or attachment vaults.

6. You want to move to Open Standards to enable access to a wider range of devices and Free Software

Do you find yourself paying heavily for proprietary client devices and software applications just because your users are “used to” or comfortable with these tools and do you find yourself struggling to maintain/upgrade these tools and integrate them seamless with your existing business systems?

Application independence, platform independence, long term access, mobile access, migration to Free Software and architectural integrity are some of the focal benefits provided by Open Standards.

Augmented interoperability and maximized access to resources and services via multiple devices are two improvements that you’d definitely want to include in your long term business operations.

7. You need to provide email and collaboration tools to a Rapidly Expanding, or Variable workforce (or branches)

Is your business expanding and you see yourself catering IT to an extended enterprise of users outside your core network?

Do the users of your extended enterprise have access to tools like Mail, Calendar, IM access, Audio Video conferencing, document management, contacts, file sharing, multi-layered anti-spam filtering, larger and more reliable mailboxes, Email archiving, mobile Email, capable and efficient administration?

If not, well, it’s almost time your dynamic, ever-expanding personnel got their hands on them. Regardless of what industry sector your enterprise falls into, you require a proficient email and collaboration system to manage the administrative side and the daily operations of the business.

Have you considered moving to an open collaboration SaaS platform that runs off the cloud and can deliver on all the above 7 WANTS and more?

Shift from a Capex based model TO an Opex based pay per use model.

Shift from DIY (doing it yourself) TO YDI (You do it – outsourcing the hosting, reliability, management, maintenance and operations)

Shift from being a Service Provider (for your internal customers) TO being a Service Consumer of a SaaS application.

Shift from Planning Scale To Scaling on Demand

Shift from Buying and Maintaining hardware TO Renting a Service

Shift from Hiring and Training a team TO Availing 24/7 industry leading support

Shift from a Home Grown system TO a Professional cloud computing platform

The technology, tools and solutions under the aforementioned pointers are all part of Mithi’s SkyConnect, the cloud based collaboration platform designed for small to medium sized businesses. It is reliable, real time collaboration that will help you gain the kind of flexibility your enterprise needs, and equip you with more capabilities at much lesser than what you are spending right now.

The effective use of collaboration technology is guaranteed to send your operational cost curve downwards and create a secure and fruitful collaboration environment – one that you’ve never experienced before.

Talk to us and see if we can help make a difference to your WANTS!

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