2 critical features that enable Chat for Enterprise Business Use

So what worries IT executives about using Chat? Traditionally Enterprises have stayed away from, allowing the use of  Chat/IM within their enterprises. The reason being that the use of Chat is considered as a tool for casual conversations not suited for official communications. Click here to read an opinion on why IT executives are worried[…]

Email Mobility at Lower Cost

Email is one of the oldest and most widely used internet applications as it is both cheap and fast (instant). However, we, in India seem to be missing out this great opportunity for two main reasons: Fixed-line and PC penetration is very low in India and mostly concentrated in the urban areas. The cost of[…]

Reducing Cost of Managing and Monitoring On Premise Connect Xf Email Server

Microsoft states that dollars spent on Services is as much as six times the cost of the original licenses. While that’s great news for the companies providing these services it’s not such good news for customers who have to bear the huge cost of supporting their applications. Merely outsourcing of your IT functions to Applications[…]

The Benefits Of Hosted Email Delivery Go Beyond Cost

The number one reason businesses decide to outsource their email services to a hosting company is because of the lower capital costs associated with it. But the benefits of a hosted mail service go beyond the lower upfront cost. By choosing a Hosted email service, small and medium businesses can achieve a reasonable ROI and[…]

Why hosting Emails on Private Cloud is a good idea for large enterprises

Some typical concerns expressed by CIOs/ CTOs about the Cloud are: Control over data Security Adherence to regulatory and compliance needs Proper customization and integration with other systems Private Cloud, which is a more economical and flexible Cloud computing model available, tackle these concerns well. Since the Private Cloud is within the company firewall, internal[…]

Is Collaboration Infrastructure the starting point for a wider adoption of Open Source Software in an enterprise? And therefore is it an opportunity for greater cost saving for the enterprise?

Collaboration software is probably the most popular form of open source software. The free email services, the social networking sites, CRM etc. are all examples of use of open source software for collaboration in different forms. However, the business software continue to be dominated by proprietary solutions. While enterprises are willing to bring in open[…]

Openness is key to wider collaboration. But is social networking a worthy tool for the enterprise?

In their blog in Harvard business Review, on The Enterprise Value of Social Software, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown talk of – a reduction of 21% in average- time-to-issue-resolution, a key operating metric that drives the company’s financial performance, Similarly, one of a leading manufacturing company’s business units reduced the hours required to[…]