Survey Report – Trends in Collaboration Technology and Open Source Software, 2011-2012

Mithi has recently published the survey report on Trends in Collaboration Technology and Open Source Software. The survey was based on the feedback given by 100 participants during the 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011, an annual event for select CXOs and Delegates organized by Mithi in Sept 2011. The Collaboration Retreat 2011 offered a first-of-its-kind interactive[…]

Alternative to accessing a Single mailbox by multiple users

Many Email solutions like MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc provide a feature where multiple users can access the same mailbox. Each of these users can login with their own credentials, see a common mailbox, and can read/ reply to any of the mail. Any replies to their mail by the external world, will also fall[…]

Why hosting Emails on Private Cloud is a good idea for large enterprises

Some typical concerns expressed by CIOs/ CTOs about the Cloud are: Control over data Security Adherence to regulatory and compliance needs Proper customization and integration with other systems Private Cloud, which is a more economical and flexible Cloud computing model available, tackle these concerns well. Since the Private Cloud is within the company firewall, internal[…]

A handy guide on how to select between Centralized Mail Server and Distributed Mail Server

A distributed organization can setup its messaging infrastructure in a consolidated setup or a distributed setup. The decision between consolidation versus distribution depends on a lot of factors. However the main consideration will be the network and administrative infrastructure available. This article details the prerequisites, advantages and disadvantages of each setup to help you decide[…]

Why Hybrid Email Solutions Are Becoming More Popular

According to Forrester report (North America and Europe Email Architecture Online Survey), 56% of the companies prefer a hybrid of on-premise and external email services is the most preferred option. While, the biggest benefit of cloud-based email services is that it is cheaper than running your email on-premise. Security, full control over data and process[…]

Opening address of Mr. Tarun Malaviya in the 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011

Following is the full text of the speech delivered by Tarun Malaviya (Co-founder and CEO at Mithi) during Collaboration Retreat 2011 event held on 23rd and 24th September 2011 at Pune (India). —- So how are you all this morning? Hope you all had a good nights rest. We are very happy to have you[…]

Keynote address of Mr. Tarun Malaviya in the 1st Collaboration Retreat 2010

[Following is the full text of the speech delivered by Tarun Malaviya (Co-founder and CEO at Mithi)  during Collaboration Retreat 2010] — First of all let me extend a heart felt gratitude to you all for having taken the time out to make it to this retreat. There is a reason why we are calling[…]

What it means to be Apple – Part 2

Products before Profitability – When describing his period of exile from Apple — when John Sculley took over — Steve Jobs described one fundamental root cause of Apple’s problems. That was to let profitability outweigh passion: “My passion has been to build an enduring company where people were motivated to make great products. The products,[…]