Internet Service Providers blocking SMTP port 25

Live Scenario 1: One of our customers complained that their remote outgoing mail queue is rising rapidly. We found that the Internet link’s capacity to relay mail has suddenly dropped. So while mails were going, but very slowly and hence the queues were rising. Apparently no change and even as confirmed by the ISP. We[…]

POP service is fast, then why is mail access so slow?

Live scenario: Many a times, we get trouble tickets, announcing that the Mithi mail server has slowed down and is exhibiting high CPU utilisation and load. The server would also exhibit a high I/O wait, which in turn causes higher load averages and also impacts CPU use. But what then causes high I/O wait. On[…]

Instant Messaging: Accelerating Collaboration in Enterprises

Over the last few years, instant messaging (IM) is gaining popularity at work for it’s ability to get co-workers’ attention, rapidly resolve issues/questions, save telecommunications costs and reduce face to face meetings. Most enterprise use of IM starts with individual users deploying their own IM client (typically a consumer-grade client freely available from Facebook, Google[…]

Intangible/Invisible Network Obstacles

A Recent Experience Recently during a POS (proof on site) exercise with a prospective customer, we had to perform a test in which an email client would send mail to a large number of recipients from our cloud email setup and capture performance test results. As a regular practice, we setup the SMTP controls on[…]

Survey Report: Collaboration Trends 2012-2013

Collaboration technologies today are being more widely deployed to not just reduce operational costs, but also to boost productivity. This report, conducted by ValueNotes, captures the opinions of IT influencers and decision makers across India, on the impact of collaboration on enterprise productivity. The report covers the preferences of management that impact productivity; explores the[…]

3 Ways to Secure/ Encrypt Your Mail communication for the outside world

Once an email leaves the mail server, it essentially travels through a public network (Internet cloud) to reach the recipient server. Most organisations would like to ensure that this information travels in an encrypted form so that it cannot be tampered with or viewed by unauthorised agents. There are three ways to do this: 1.[…]

Do you need an Email System for users of your Extended Enterprise?

  If you are talking to a large number of business partners that are outside the corporate boundaries you can derive enormous benefits by getting them onto your email network. Providing email access to mobile and desk-less workers of the extended enterprise improves communication flow between the core of the enterprise and it’s extension- the[…]

Why do we need to compare Connect Xf with Exchange or Lotus Notes?

Occasionally we get requests from our prospective customers to provide them a comparison of our solution with MS Exchange or Lotus Notes or Google Apps to help them take a buying decision. Creating a detailed feature comparison usually means listing hundreds of features and their availability status in different solutions resulting in a comparison statement[…]

Packaged Product Based on OSS Components

The mention of ‘Open Source Software’ conjures up a mixture of thoughts such as: On a positive note: Free software Very reliable, robust and well tested components Can be modified and used Selfless developers working on this Lots of review points before it is released Mostly each component exposes and operates on open standard and[…]