2 Restaurants: Same Location: 1 a Success: 1 a Failure

One of our favorite holiday spots is Goa. We enjoy relaxing on the beach spending the whole day alternating between the water, sun and shade and recharging our batteries with the solar energy :-). Normally we stay at the same resort (comfort zone) which is a stones throw from the beach. On our earlier trips,[…]

Can we use a desktop based bulk mail software to send mail via Mithi SkyConnect?

To prevent misuse and SPAM from the service, Our solution accepts mail over SMTP with the following restrictions: A single mail cannot be to more than 35 recipients. A single user/emailid cannot send more than 150 mail a day unless you make a special request and we will whitelist that particular ID to be able to[…]

Why don’t the ‘sent items’ from my Outlook client sync with my server mailbox’s ‘sent items’

If your Outlook (or any desktop email client) is connecting to the mail server over POP protocol than this will not work. POP is a protocol which works only on the Inbox. Its a dated protocol, whose job is to retrieve the mail from the server, download it to the client and let the client[…]

Message bounced due to sending limit – How many emails can I send via Mithi SkyConnect SMTP? Is there a limit?

This limit has been imposed to prevent spam attacks on servers from clients who exploit this if they get authenticated access. The way it works is that, if a spammer gets authenticated access to a mailbox, he can send multiple spam mail in one connection (upto the limit of max recipient count) and repeat this,[…]

Reasons why Enterprise choose Mithi’s SkyConnect over an ISP mail solution

SaaS or PaaS ? Abstract Business should consider carefully whether they want to be delivered  a true SaaS solution (Software as a Service) or an infrastructure-focused PaaS solution (Product as a Service). While the former is about providing Managed Services, the later is about providing Infrastructure and Product. The difference could be big. Software as[…]

Lower Data Security Risks with an Email Policy Framework

The number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from an installed base of 3.1 billion in 2011 to nearly 4.1 billion by year-end 2015. Much of this growth would come from Asia Pacific, which currently accounts for 49% of worldwide email users. [Radicati Group]. With India witnessing the fastest growth in Internet and[…]

7 reasons why you must stop using free email for your business

Most small businesses use free email services or email ids provided by their local ISP to transact business messages. Here is why you shouldn’t. Company Image: Since building trust online is not easy, using a free email-hosting provider can make it even more difficult for people to trust you. To start with, people tend to[…]

I occassionally receive bounce messages for mail I never sent

The Importance of using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) for your email domain Consider the following two common situations and see if you can relate to them 1. I sent a mail but I received a bounce stating that the recipient’s mail server rejected the mail considering it to be abuse. 2. I keep receiving bounce[…]

A new normal

Blog edited by Tarun Malaviya, CEO and Co-Founder, Mithi Software  Live interaction in our company between the Product Manager and the Engg head Product Manager: I gather that the release has slipped by about 3 weeks. Engg Head: Yes, we are facing some challenges ensuring scalability of the connectors in the new chat component Product[…]