A Case for a Universal Collaboration System for the Government

The corner stone of the Digital India program is to make Government services more easily accessible to the ordinary citizens. The objective is to deliver timely service to the citizens with least cost and hassles. The resulting benefits are greater accountability and transparency in the citizen-government interface. The use of social media to gather ideas[…]

Now Easily Add, Remove or Manage Members in your Groups with Connect Xf 3.22

We’re happy to announce that a new version Connect Xf has now been released with an all new simplified interface to manage memberships of distribution lists/groups. No more hassles of typing user/email ids in a line No more hassles of using the command line interface to add/delete group members No more hassles of adding a[…]

Top 3 reasons to upgrade Mithi Connect Xf to ver. 3.20

Dear Customer We are happy announce the roll out phase of this eagerly awaited upgrade. While you can review the entire change list of this release 3.20 here, we have brought out the top 3 reasons why you should upgrade and how your setup will benefit from the same. Performance The new release has specific[…]

Introducing the new Baya Video Chat

  So that your work gets done faster we build our product with one philosophy –” Enable our users to do more in less time.” That’s what we did when we added a text chat next to your work email. Quick discussions and status updates became just a ping away and writing emails for such[…]

More Smarts. More Speed. More Space. More Ways to Collaborate.

Connect xf 3.20 carries the best Baya release yet – The integrated collaboration environment that runs of your browser, has been through some big improvements and exciting new feature additions. The new version of Baya is smarter, faster, with more working space and more ways to collaborate than before. You now have even less reason[…]

The Easiest Way to View, Annotate and Collaborate over any email Attachment

Say No to endless exchange of email attachments.Collaborate over attachments in real time. Besides previewing and downloading an attachment, you can now open an email attachment sent to you using Framebench. Doing so helps you to not just preview the document but also to collaborate over it with your team without having to download, modify[…]

Making things better at the workplace through Baya’s Video Conferencing feature

The last release of Connect Xf 3.18, launched the new Video calling and Multi party video conferencing facility (in Beta currently), from right within the browser. This allows the user to simply dial a colleague from the roster and have a audio/video chat with him/her and also add multiple people into the call to have[…]

From BYOD to CYOD: Almost impossible to ignore mobile devices in the workplace

More than a decade ago, owning a mobile phone with a coloured screen was a sure sign that ‘you had arrived’. The next high was the advent of 2G technology, which allowed us to send multimedia messages. Further advances in technology brought us RIM’s Blackberry, which took this to the next level. Executives had now[…]