Low Cost Business Email and Collaboration Server Solutions: Some Experiences and Learnings

[Update: Please click here to view the Part 1 and Part 2 of this speech on YouTube. Thanks.] —- Following is the full text of the speech delivered by Ashok Malaviya (Director – Sales at Mithi) during Collaboration Retreat 2011 event held on 23rd and 24th September 2011 at Pune (India). —- A very good[…]

Not another Steve Jobs

No, I don’t want to be another Steve Jobs.  Though there is much one can learn from emulating him. And though I have copied him (often with disastrous effect), I’d rather like to see this become another Apple. I’d like to set this as the objective for us to achieve in the next 3-5 years[…]

Business Impact of Email and Collaboration Technologies

In their book – The only Sustainable Advantage Edge, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown talk of deepening the distinctive internal capabilities and mobilizing the resources of other specialized companies through collaboration to build new capabilities and capacity. They also talk of the need to accelerate learning across the broad network of the enterprise[…]

Quality Indices

I’m very happy to note that Price Waterhouse Coopers has ranked us amongst the top 100 software product companies in India. It is specially satisfying to know that this has happened without us seeking after it. As was the case with other recognition we have received so far.We have still to uncover the criteria used[…]

Will the cloud and new devices lower the cost of collaboration for an enterprise? Will they make collaboration richer and more efficient?

In response to IT consumerization, Intel IT began allowing employees to use personal smart phones to access enterprise resources in early 2010. The program has rapidly become a success, delivering significant benefits in productivity and user satisfaction at low cost to Intel. More than 10,000 employees are now using personal devices to access corporate email,[…]

Is Collaboration Infrastructure the starting point for a wider adoption of Open Source Software in an enterprise? And therefore is it an opportunity for greater cost saving for the enterprise?

Collaboration software is probably the most popular form of open source software. The free email services, the social networking sites, CRM etc. are all examples of use of open source software for collaboration in different forms. However, the business software continue to be dominated by proprietary solutions. While enterprises are willing to bring in open[…]

Is cost becoming increasingly important? Is the CFO view now critical to defining the IT decision making and strategy?

In his blog, Mark P. McDonald of Gartner writes – “….. * IT spend is more driven by your choices about product, process, organization, and customer views as well as service levels, structural costs, and contracting terms which all have little to do with sales. * Finally, there is little causality at best, between sales[…]