Welcome Address by Mr. Tarun Malaviya at 3rd Collaboration Retreat 2012

Following is an abridged version of the speech delivered by Mr. Tarun Malaviya (Co-founder and CEO at Mithi) during 3rd Collaboration Retreat 2012 held in September 2012 at Pune (India).  Click here to launch the video of the Welcome Address. — Good morning and welcome to this 3rd Edition of the Collaboration Retreat. It is[…]

SaaS and On Premise Open Source Application Hosting create a Robust & Affordable platform

Traditionally, most organizations choose between On-premise and SaaS based application deployments depending on the application, requirements and availability of resources to maintain the setup. There could be organizations who host all their applications on a SaaS model (public cloud), going on to organizations who host some applications on SaaS and some on premise, and some[…]

Sample Policy governing the use of Email and Collaboration applications

During our interaction with customers, prospects and partners, we observed that there is a need for organisations to publish and enforce a policy of use for their email and collaboration infrastructure for reasons given below. We also observed that several organisations could benefit from a ready sample policy document, which can be easily adapted to[…]

Why it’s not a good idea to combine a Bulk Mailing solution with the Corporate Mailing solution

As developers and solution providers of Email and Collaboration software (Connect Xf), we get frequent requests for bulk mailing solutions. At first let us differentiate between two types of bulk mailing: Internal bulk mailing: This is mail sent to distribution lists of internal employees, agents, staff of the extended enterprise, customers, partners, etc., where the[…]

Go Green with Mithi Connect Xf – Reduce Workload on Mithi Connect Servers and Lower Storage Costs

Problem: Ever-increasing volumes of email and the mass of old emails force IT managers to seek ways to efficiently manage storage resources. Email storage gets depleted over time. Use of mailbox quotas hardly remedies the problem. The restriction works for a while. By forcing the users to keep their mailboxes to within a restricted size,[…]

Email Mobility at Lower Cost

Email is one of the oldest and most widely used internet applications as it is both cheap and fast (instant). However, we, in India seem to be missing out this great opportunity for two main reasons: Fixed-line and PC penetration is very low in India and mostly concentrated in the urban areas. The cost of[…]

Reducing Cost of Managing and Monitoring On Premise Connect Xf Email Server

Microsoft states that dollars spent on Services is as much as six times the cost of the original licenses. While that’s great news for the companies providing these services it’s not such good news for customers who have to bear the huge cost of supporting their applications. Merely outsourcing of your IT functions to Applications[…]

The Benefits Of Hosted Email Delivery Go Beyond Cost

The number one reason businesses decide to outsource their email services to a hosting company is because of the lower capital costs associated with it. But the benefits of a hosted mail service go beyond the lower upfront cost. By choosing a Hosted email service, small and medium businesses can achieve a reasonable ROI and[…]

Survey Report – Trends in Collaboration Technology and Open Source Software, 2011-2012

Mithi has recently published the survey report on Trends in Collaboration Technology and Open Source Software. The survey was based on the feedback given by 100 participants during the 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011, an annual event for select CXOs and Delegates organized by Mithi in Sept 2011. The Collaboration Retreat 2011 offered a first-of-its-kind interactive[…]