Do you Flit a lot?

Some Live situations during my work day:

  • Sir, Can you help me compose a reply for the ticket raised by MKS
  • Ring, Ring (phone call), Hello, Sunil, I need your intervention with a ticket I raised regarding my server’s performance
  • Sunil, I have a prospect on call and he is asking a highly technical question, can I just hand you phone to address his query.
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How our team used Live group chat collaboration to resolve a server outage

Live scenario:
Mithi’s enterprise messaging servers are automatically monitored by external probes, who scan the servers at close intervals for a response on all protocols.… Read the rest

Instant Messaging: Accelerating Collaboration in Enterprises

Over the last few years, instant messaging (IM) is gaining popularity at work for it’s ability to get co-workers’ attention, rapidly resolve issues/questions, save telecommunications costs and reduce face to face meetings.… Read the rest