Live Case Study: How FFreedom achieved Better adviser productivity with Mithi SkyConnect

With the objective of making the advisers, selling financial products, better equipped to establish trust and assist the customer with their financial planning, Mithi’s customer FIINFRA (Ffreedom Intermediary Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.) has created a suite of applications that includes a adviser portal and a set of financial planning tools to assist the Advisers in delivering superior financial[…]

7 WANTS of an IT Manager of a Small to Medium sized business

Your business may belong to a niche fragment of the industry, or be among the more commonly existing businesses; but if you have more than 50 employees and are looking ahead at business growth, you’ll definitely have things like capacity, productivity and performance hindrances on your mind 24×7. Interactivity and effective communication (internal and external)[…]

Collaborative Marketing: The Third P: From Push to Pull to Presence

….. Surely if you have more inbound traffic and leads, the chances of conversion to sale increase, but what is the yield? Are you able to convert a larger percentage of them to sale? Presence is a state, when even a non-seeker knows about your brand and offering. How is this possible? By the reach[…]

Confused about what is Cloud computing?

Learning from running our SaaS online collaboration service, Mithi SkyConnect, from a single server to a multi-server, multi-location set-up, we’ve come long way in handling high volume email services, but the increasing sophistication of the service, rapid growth in traffic and speed at which we need to provision for new users has made it necessary to[…]

Great Blogging…..Great low cost Marketing: 5 ways to Connect the dots

A lot has been written (blogged and flogged) about what is blogging, the benefits of blogging, leveraging blogging for building your brand (self and/or business), share ideas etc. With this article, I am not venturing into that space, instead I would like to share my experience of blogging where the rubber hits the road. I[…]

How is email phising and spoofing hurting your business

Email spoofing is email fraud and deception. Spoofing is the most common from of the modern con game called ‘phising’. The email spoofer is trying to “phish” your passwords and login names by attempting to lure you to reveal your account and password details. Essentially, the email spoofer is a spammer trying to hide his[…]

How does Mithi SkyConnect co-exist with Google Apps on the same SMTP Address space (email domain)?

Requirement: There is a requirement to host the email infrastructure of a company across 2 different solutions, such that both the solutions share the same SMTP address space and the company can divide their mailboxes across the two solutions. This is typically done to allow a set of users to use one of the solutions[…]

The One Page Execution Plan for a business of any size

Greetings! Is your business stuck in a low/no growth rut? In your business, do you observe any of the following symptoms Symptoms: Your company consistently misses financial targets (even realistic ones) Your company consistently is unable to achieve all that it sets out to do (Goals) Many team members complain of lack of clarity in[…]

The Myth of Delegating Responsibility via Email

Yes! Yes! the post title has a contradiction, which is deliberate…please bear with me and read on. Dropping the ball 1. Sales team requesting for special help from the product management team Mail from a sales team member Maria to the product team member, Ravi “Dear Ravi,  – Can you please create a comparison document[…]

2 Restaurants: Same Location: 1 a Success: 1 a Failure

One of our favorite holiday spots is Goa. We enjoy relaxing on the beach spending the whole day alternating between the water, sun and shade and recharging our batteries with the solar energy :-). Normally we stay at the same resort (comfort zone) which is a stones throw from the beach. On our earlier trips,[…]