From BYOD to CYOD: Almost impossible to ignore mobile devices in the workplace

More than a decade ago, owning a mobile phone with a coloured screen was a sure sign that ‘you had arrived’. The next high was the advent of 2G technology, which allowed us to send multimedia messages. Further advances in technology brought us RIM’s Blackberry, which took this to the next level. Executives had now[…]

Integrating a third party SMTP anti-virus scanner with Mithi Connect Xf

Mithi Connect Xf can very comfortably work with a port level SMTP anti virus scanner configured on the same or another server. Fundamentally, the anti virus scanner software is configured to intercept incoming and outgoing messages, scan and clean these messages and route them to the Connect Server MTA. Please note that the mail filtering[…]

For SMEs Cloud Based Services is the default way forward

Cloud based services (CBS) have moved from the distant horizon and are looming in much closer today. Although the concept of cloud computing has been around since the 1960s, the shift towards large scale adoption of CBS has seen traction only after 2000. Put simply, CBS allows business functions to be performed, by accessing data,[…]

Best practices with Password policies

Despite having a well configured secure system (like Mithi Connect Xf), which has a built in security framework to protect your valuable data and services from unauthorized and unauthenticated access, weak and aging passwords could compromise your security. Often, the weakest link in the security chain is the password. Commonly reported security breaches such as[…]

Setting up a DR (Disaster recovery) site with Connect Xf

Challenge Business continuity has become one of the top issues facing enterprises globally. Data growth is exploding. That’s why many enterprises now require 100 percent access to data, 24/7. Business Goals A wide range of technical approaches can address business continuity. However, replicating data to a remote secondary site provides the most effective insurance policy[…]