Openness is key to wider collaboration. But is social networking a worthy tool for the enterprise?

In their blog in Harvard business Review, on The Enterprise Value of Social Software, John Hagel III and John Seely Brown talk of – a reduction of 21% in average- time-to-issue-resolution, a key operating metric that drives the company’s financial performance, Similarly, one of a leading manufacturing company’s business units reduced the hours required to ensure Sarbanes Oxley compliance by 61% through the targeted use of social software.… Read the rest

Is Collaboration defining the shape of business today?

Andy McLoughlin Co-founder and EVP Strategy at Huddle says – “Rather than being a self-contained unit, today’s enterprise is an increasingly fluid network of customers, partners and suppliers” This trend in today’s enterprise, he says, is fueled by Collaboration tools that are removing the communication barriers between organizations.… Read the rest

Not unlike other Infrastuctures

Like any other infrastructure, collaboration infrastructure goes through – creation-maintenance and renewal cycle (not just of the software but the underlying and overlying systems) Like any other infrastructure, collaboration infrastructure is multiple layered.… Read the rest