Is Collaboration defining the shape of business today?

Andy McLoughlin Co-founder and EVP Strategy at Huddle says – “Rather than being a self-contained unit, today’s enterprise is an increasingly fluid network of customers, partners and suppliers” This trend in today’s enterprise, he says, is fueled by Collaboration tools that are removing the communication barriers between organizations. He adds – “…Thanks to online collaboration[…]

About our values and working with others

Organisations are becoming more and more amorphous. With much work getting done through part timers, apprentices, trainees, consultants, suppliers, partner companies etc. It is therefore hard to have everyone share the same values and understanding. Even within the organisation, not all people share the same values. Rapid attrition and diverse influences impact the extent to[…]

Designing Information Systems for the turbulent times

Most economists, political leaders and business managers today believe that the we are in for a Big, Long and Lot of restructuring of the world economy. In a scenario such as these businesses would be faced with both threats and oppurtunities. In response, business would need to build in adequate flexibility and adaptability in their[…]

Not unlike other Infrastuctures

Like any other infrastructure, collaboration infrastructure goes through – creation-maintenance and renewal cycle (not just of the software but the underlying and overlying systems) Like any other infrastructure, collaboration infrastructure is multiple layered. Broadly, these layers can be classified as follows: Physical Infrastructure: Network, Servers, Storage, Cloud, Devices etc. Software Services Layer: VMs, Directories, Services,[…]

Highlights – 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011

Event Testimonials We have gathered feedback and testimonials from CXOs and Delegates who had participated in the 2nd Collaboration Retreat 2011 about how they perceived the event, suggestions for improvement, what they expect to see in the next Collaboration Retreat, etc. Check out the event testimonials here. Event Highlights: Apart from being a first-of-its-kind interactive[…]