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The Context
Our engagements with students, freshers & colleges have highlighted gaps in the readiness of students for the industry. While the technology space & innovation in the Industry is leaping ahead, the education system is unable to (also understandably cannot) keep up with this scorching pace.
The Challenges
The gaps are seen in the non-productive interactions of fresh recruits with the teams and how they write code, understand concepts, processes, and technology, participate in projects and more. Its at least 6 months before freshers start contributing positively and productively to the organization.

The Solution

We feel that a continuous education program on the current technologies, methods and Industry specific processes, which augments the university education program in parallel, can help bridge the gap to a large extent.
Why are we doing this?
The Mithi Academy, which is a series of free, consistent, online training sessions ranging from foundational elements to advanced concepts across the people, process, technology aspects, is Mithi’s CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) initiative to help complete the education for the computer science and IT engineers.
Training sessions conducted by Experts
The online training sessions will be created and conducted by our in-house domain experts and the recordings along with slides will be available on demand for ready reference.

We invite you to learn from our experts


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  • 1. What are the topics covered in these online training sessions?

    Mithi’s engineers will take a leaf out of our daily internal training sessions and conduct specific but still generic training on topics covering foundational subjects like cloud fundamentals, programming fundamentals, right upto advanced topics like defining and executing projects to scale. However, please note that Mithi is not an education company and so these topics will be naturally aligned to our internal work and creation and therefore will be inline with the cutting edge of technology.

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  • 2. What is the frequency and duration of these trainings?

    Initially we will start with once a month until we are able to setup and streamline a process to run these at scale. Once this is in place, we may amp the frequency to once a fortnight.
    The sessions will be between 60 mins to 90 mins followed by 30 mins of Q&A.

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  • 3. Will these sessions be live casts?

    For all fresh content or radically changed content the session will be live, conducted by a senior expert from our team. For repeats, we may play a manned recording, followed by a live Q&A session with our experts.

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  • 4. How many people can your system accommodate at one time?

    Currently we are restricting the attendees to 100 per session. We may amp this up depending on the demand.

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  • 5. How much will you charge for this?

    Mithi is conducting these sessions free and considers this as our CSR and contribution to the education of the youngsters.

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  • 6. How will we know when the sessions are being conducted?

    We plan to announce this on our site, on social media and send an alert to all subscribers. We also plan to publish an advance calendar announcing the topics for the next 6 months. To stay tuned for updates on the Mithi Academy, we suggest you subscribe to the channel here. In addition, we will also announce this to the colleges via the email ids available with us, who in turn can inform the students.

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