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Greater Adaptability to
lower Email infrastructure

Easier Collaboration

Better Management

Higher Performance

Product Overview

Connect Xf Email Server : Lower Cost | Higher Performance | Greater Adaptability

Connect Xf Email Server

Lower Cost | Higher Performance | Greater Adaptability

Connect Xf is a highly dependable, secure and scalable Email Server that easily adapts to diverse needs of an Enterprise.

Product Release (Connect Xf 3.16)

Auto upload of attachments to an FTP server

The new attachment upload features helps enterprises secure them in a central location. Considering that the documents sent and received using the corporate email system could be very critical to the business of the enterprise.
Auto upload of attachments to an FTP server
Forgot Password Application

Forgot Password Application

Forgot pass application can be used by end users to reset their own passwords, reducing the burden of the admin of dealing with all the requests for recovering from forgotten passwords.
Download Product Release 3.16 presentation
Collaboration Application in Connect Xf

Collaboration Applications

Connect Xf provides a host of features to make the task of collaboration and communication easier.

Quickly send an Email, setup your meeting in Calendar, look up your Contact or resolve your queries with your colleagues over Chat.

Email Calendar Contacts Chat AV Chat SMS

Access Device

Connect Xf can work seamlessly with popular & free desktop clients and popular smart mobile devices over open and standard protocols/interfaces to provide your organisation a wide choice of client paltforms to use leading to substantial reduction in your licensing costs. In addition you can use the built in Baya, a browser-based client designed to make your task of communication and collaboration easier.
Access Device
Mobility Desktop Web Client
Management Features

Management Features

Management features of Connect Xf enable easier management of Email and collaboration server, providing domain and enterprise level control to Administrators, access archived mails, etc.
Security Management Interface Storage Reports

System Performance

The robust architecture of Connect Xf and world class OSS components used make it highly dependable, scalable and adaptable. This section delves into what makes Connect Xf deliver High performance at Lower cost
System Performance
Attachment Stripping Load Balance Coexistence Auto Failover
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