Top 3 reasons to upgrade Mithi Connect Xf to ver. 3.20

Dear Customer

We are happy announce the roll out phase of this eagerly awaited upgrade. While you can review the entire change list of this release 3.20 here, we have brought out the top 3 reasons why you should upgrade and how your setup will benefit from the same.


The new release has specific improvements to optimize the resource utilization by IMAP and LDAP, two of the most heavily used services on the setup. These improvements have resulted in more than 50% improvement in the utilization of key resources of all the servers’ viz. CPU usage, load averages, Swap utilization and I/O throughput with a marked improvement in end user service response time.

Performance Graph

Performance Graph

Source: The performance graphs are taken from the NOC of our cloud based SaaS service, Mithi Skyconnect. The shaded part indicates the time period before the upgrade.

User Experience

A smoother, slicker and much faster Baya (collaboration web client), specially designed to

  • Improve efficiency by reducing number of clicks to perform any operation. Most operations are now single click and without needing to open or view the object, which speeds up the operations many fold.
  • Improve user productivity with proactive notifications, alerts and helpful tips. The interface now talks back to the user and draws attention to items needing some work.
  • Improve response to user with operations like infinite scroll, quick high relevancy search and super fast sort. We analyzed that in more than 95% cases, users found what they were looking for in one operation, first screen.
  • Optimize use of server resources by reducing requests to the server, which in turn also show up as a faster interface for the user.
Baya Inbox Version 3.20

Baya Inbox Version 3.20

More Smarts, More Speed, More Space, More Ways to Collaborate

Mithi has improved the peer to peer and group Video calling application by introducing Screen sharing, which allows the participants to collaborate in real time around document(s) and do group reviews, take decisions, create plans and designs, etc. An in window text chat window allows quick capture of notes during the call, which are automatically archived.

Screen Share

Screen Share

Another exciting development is the integration of the Framebench application with the email attachment viewer in Baya. Once any attachment is opened in Framebench, comments posted on the document will be automatically visible to everyone, every time the document is opened from Baya. Multiple people can view the attachment and comment/annotate on the attachment, live, in real time. Essentially the attachment is hoisted onto a central store and all relevant people access that central document directly, with no copies and versions being made. Try this to see how much time and effort it saves besides the ease of doing the review over a document.



Want to try the software right now?

Please click here to visit our online trial site and evaluate the new version by creating a free trial account.


Introducing the new Baya Video Chat


So that your work gets done faster we build our product with one philosophy

–” Enable our users to do more in less time.”

That’s what we did when we added a text chat next to your work email. Quick discussions and status updates became just a ping away and writing emails for such small stuff, a thing of the past. By adding history in your text chat, things became more interesting. Recollecting what was discussed in the previous meeting was just a scroll up away. Suddenly those unmanageable and untraceable chains of emails vanished!

Now with the new Baya Video Chat we take our philosophy of enabling you to do more in less time, to a whole new level. Whether it’s a one on one weekly project review with your boss (ohoo!) or a brainstorming session with your team, with the new Baya Video Chat, you can do all that and more right from your desk.

Make video calls right from your chat roster. Want to add more people to an on-going video call? It too can be done right from your chat roster. You can meet with up to 4 people on Baya Video Chat. With our Screen-Sharing feature, you and others can even walkthrough those lengthy RFPs or give those sales presentations, should be without the need to send these documents and presentations over an email.

You might be now wondering, what if I want to meet my customer or my vendor, who is not on my chat roster! Well today is your lucky day. Wish granted (You should have asked for a million dollars! )

Our new Baya Video Chat allows you to do just that. Just click on the video chat icon on top of your text chat roster window, enter the email addresses of your customer or your vendor or anyone you want to meet, (you can meet with up four people at once), select the date and time of your meeting and click on the ‘Setup Meeting’. Your meeting is set. You and other participants will receive instructions on how to join this meeting on your emails. We have made joining a meeting as simple as clicking a website link. By the way, meetings don’t start without you, so be on time. If you need a reminder, download the calendar event attached in your meeting invite and add it to your Baya Calendar or any other calendar application.

Before we end this, something for your IT team to cheer about. Baya Video Chat requires no special hardware or software setup. You just need a regular mic and webcam for the video chat to work. You don’t even need to download any software as Baya Video Chat works directly in an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera (sorry we don’t support IE and Safari as of now).

Sounds too good to be true? Well try it out for your self on

More Smarts. More Speed. More Space. More Ways to Collaborate.

Connect xf 3.20
carries the best Baya release yet – The integrated collaboration environment that runs of your browser, has been through some big improvements and exciting new feature additions. The new version of Baya is smarter, faster, with more working space and more ways to collaborate than before.

You now have even less reason to travel for meetings, spend time organising meetings or sit through long winding discussions. The new Baya release enable you to quickly exchange messages and information, set-up online meetings and collaborate over designs, reports, plans and ideas, right from your desk. That means lesser meetings and more productive engagements.

More Smarts


  • Better email editor with automated spellcheck
  • Automatic update of the contacts based on your email usage
  • An automated mail box update
  • Easier navigation with continuous scrolling through the email items
  • Onscreen Alerts for new Email and Chat chat messages
  • Onscreen Assistance to get you started quickly with the new features
  • Improved invitation and response handling in the calendar.

More Speed

  • Faster search with better controls
  • Faster sort
  • Many more direct operations making it quicker to go through your mails and organise yourself for the day
  • Several System level upgrades for improved performance

More Space

  • Pop-up windows are bigger making them more comfortable and pop-outs are provided wherever there is a need for additional space
  • Emails can be popped out of the email item list into separate browser tabs to pickout the important/urgent mails to work on. It’s like building a to do list for the email
  • The page layout has been optimised to create more working space with slimmer and retractable windows

More Ways to Collaborate

  • The new release comes with Framebench…the easiest way to review and collaborate over documents, designs, videos… Read more about it hereFramebench
  • The video chat app has now been upgraded to include screen sharing to make video meetings more productive…so you can now share application screens, videos, documents etc. from your desktop anything that could make your online engagement more effective.
    The video meeting also now includes a text chat window that enables you to share text messages, information, URLs etc. to make your meeting more productive.

    Baya Video Meeting


    Screen Share

    Screen Share


    Video Chat Roster

    Video Chat Roster

  • All this from your browser interface without having to download or configure another App

Other Improvements

  • The POP Threshold control ensures faster response to users using POP clients
  • Ability to export the list of domains, users, class of services along with other properties eases the work of user management
  • Some reported bugs have been resolved. Read more about it here

The Easiest Way to View, Annotate and Collaborate over any email Attachment

The Easiest Way to View, Annotate and Collaborate over any email Attachment
Say No to endless exchange of email attachments.
Collaborate over attachments in real time.
Besides previewing and downloading an attachment, you can now open an email attachment sent to you using Framebench. Doing so helps you to not just preview the document but also to collaborate over it with your team without having to download, modify and resend attachments.

With Framebench extention in Baya, you can add comments and annotations to the document and share these with others. Who in turn can add their comments and annotations to it. All the comments, annotations and discussions appear at one place. So everyone in the team is on the same page.

Once you have shared a document using Framebench, you to collaborate over it with multiple people in realtime i.e. your comments and annotations become visible to the people you shared the document even as you are making them.

Now that’s a lot faster and cleaner way to to get your point accross than exchanging comments and mutliple versions of the document over mail.

Opens Inside the mail
Opens Inside the mail
Annotation window pops up inside mail so you can get started without opening a new tab. Work faster, smarter, better.

Preview Without Downloading
Preview any image (jpg, png, gif), document (doc, docx, xls, xlsx), presentation(ppt, pdf, pptx) or a video(.mp4) by clicking the ‘comment’ icon on the attachment.
Preview Without Downloading

Opens Inside the mail
Annotate Directly on the File
Using handy tools, you can start marking up the file. Draw arrows, rectangles or use the pencil to point out specific corrections needed. As simple as pen & paper.

Start a Conversation
Using the comment tool, you can start a contextual discussion on an area in the file. Others can reply to this as well. Its like you’re talking on parts of a file!
Start a Conversation

Share Annotated Documents
Share Annotated Documents
Click save and we export the annotated file and your comments as a draft attached to the same thread. Others can add their comments using a link they receive.

Security is a Priority
Everyone opening an attachment is authenticated to ensure data security.
Security is a Priority

Making things better at the workplace through Baya’s Video Conferencing feature

The last release of Connect Xf 3.18, launched the new Video calling and Multi party video conferencing facility (in Beta currently), from right within the browser. This allows the user to simply dial a colleague from the roster and have a audio/video chat with him/her and also add multiple people into the call to have an audio video conference with them. To join the call, a person only needs access to a browser and a web camera (easily available on most devices today).

More details about the Audio video chat feature can be seen here.

We did a little study internally within Mithi and with a customer from the manufacturing industry, both of whom are using this feature to improve their operations. This note captures some experiences of how the two organisations are leveraging Connect Xf’s new Audio Video call/conferencing facility to increase productivity

At Sharada Industries

More productive and cost effective Operational reviews.

Earlier Sharada Industries managers and C level people would have per-scheduled travel itenaries to visit and conduct reviews of the various plants located across India. Working this way caused them to either travel too much for impromptu/unscheduled meetings or postpone some important face to face reviews to the next planned trip, possibly leading to delayed decisions. By switching many of their review activities to using Baya’s video conferencing facility, the Sharada management can now schedule any number of virtual meetings as required, allowing them to take quicker business decisions without having to wait for the next trip or spend time and money on an urgent trip.

Getting technical expertise from across plants together with a click

Typically in such industries, it is common to have experts in different areas of the production spread across plants or may be concentrated in the HO. While the plants are staffed with operators to handle production from a set production system/assembly line, any major breakdown in the process, may need expert intervention. In the earlier days, experts would travel “urgently” to consult on such breakdowns. But now Sharada uses the video conferencing, gets the technical experts from various locations on the call and uses the web camera to demonstrate the problem situation. Using this the experts are quickly able to suggest fixes and guide the operators to make the fix, resuming the process quickly and efficiently.

At Mithi

Reduced Travel, More Effective Meetings for the sales team

Mithi has a geographically distributed sales network and used to sync up over a conference call earlier for weekly reviews. By shifting to using the multi party video conferencing facility, the sales team now meets “virtually” by simply signing into Baya at a scheduled time and connecting into the call from within the browser. Besides being able to see and hear each other, the system also allows them to exchange information over text chat and mail, making the video meeting more effective. Result is cost savings from reduced travel and more effective coordination of work. The unproductive time spent in waiting, driving or traveling can now be put to better use.

Work from home (or anywhere) without loss of productivity

Employees on leave or having commitments at home that keeps them from travelling to office, can now login from home and be fully in sync via Baya with email, calendar, chat. They can even attend meetings (face to face) via the video conferencing feature. For a larger group meeting, the team simply projects the display on a large screen and can involve multiple employees who are not physically present. This has provided immense flexibility to employees to cater to their home commitments, while still being able to engage with the team at work if required.

Greater flexibility with Virtual Face to Face meetings with customers

Most customers and partners would like a face to face before making important buying / selling decisions, but are hard pressed for time. Mithi converts many such meetings to scheduled video meetings. This gives the team a flexibility in organising and scheduling / rescheduling the meetings.
Baya allows the creator of the meetings to loop people into a video meeting by sending them a time bound invitation via email. This allows the team to bring in all the people necessary to resolve / discuss an issue at hand at anytime during the meeting.

Saving time and costs with Virtual Job interviews

The typical process at Mithi used to be to test a candidate using online testing mechanisms and then conduct multiple face to face interviews. For remote candidates, we would first have multiple interview rounds over phone and then invite the candidate over for the final interview to our office. By switching to using Video calls for all interviews, the HR team has an additional level of comfort since they have now seen the candidate and also the candidate gets to see the team (as they go through multiple interview rounds), without needing to travel at all. The system is more efficient, saves cost of travel and allows the team to opt to have another few rounds if needed at mutually convenient schedules without having to deal with the logistics of arranging for travel and stay.

So, how could you use the video conferencing feature in Baya to make things better at your workplace?